A look back at Laurel Holloman’s reflection on her latest expo with murals…

Laurel Holloman “Square Docs” // Pershing Square – Downtown Los Angeles

A special edition of Pershing Square’s “Square Docs” featuring Los Angeles-based artist and accomplished actress, Laurel Holloman: http://www.laurelholloman.net/

The Laurel Holloman Pershing Square expo 2021 just ended on January 31st, 2021

Laurel Holloman gave us her deep feelings about being exposed at Pershing Square DTLA!

LH: “ It was  such an honor to be chosen to share my art  downtown LA in Pershing Square.” 

“It could not have happened at a better time when LA is being hit hard by the pandemic. “

“To share paintings outside is very challenging when battling the elements and the team at Pershing has created such a clever way to make an impactful exhibition and bring movement and color to this lovely outdoor venue. “

” The paintings here have a certain vibrancy and language that is uplifting and reflects the world of nature.  My hope is that the exhibition has been a source of joy for those that  can get outside during this challenging time.”

Laurel Holloman, Artist, Painter, and Actress.

Laurel Holloman is represented by Claudine Gil Gallery: https://www.claudinegilgallery.com/

SpLAshPR Agency

“Coloring the world, one story at a time”


“Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you gonna get” Forrest Gump

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