“Losing Alice” will air on Apple TV January 22nd, 2021


Los Angeles, 11/01/2020



Starring Ayelet Zurer in the lead role of Alice, “Losing Alice” is a new psychological thriller focusing on the obsession of a director for a young screenwriter in the infamous world of entertainment.

Written and directed by Sigal Avin,  “Losing Alice” follows the story of a filmmaker in her 40s, Alice, played by Ayelet Zurer, who becomes obsessed with a novice screenwriter Sophie, a femme fatale in her 20s who happens to be a great admirer of Alice’s work.  Having achieved a lot of success early in her career, Alice is a dutiful wife and working mother raising three children, and feeling irrelevant, powerless, and uninspired.  

But after her brief encounter with Sophie on a train, Alice is re-ignited by Sophie’s youthful flair and passion and eventually surrenders her moral integrity in order to achieve self-fulfillment, relevance, and success.  Through the lens of a female Faustian tale, the eight-episode series explores such contemporary issues as the fear of aging, working-mom guilt, spousal jealousy, and the complex relationships women have with themselves and one other.

Apple has partnered with Dori Media on this series, which is currently airing on HOT in Israel. Its premiere was held at the We Are One: A Global Film Festival and was part of the Canneséries selection last week. More than your average thriller, this complex psychological story takes the audience on a journey through the conscious and subconscious of Alice’s mind with many twists and turns.

“Losing Alice” will air on Apple TV January 22nd, 2021

Watch the trailer now: HERE

About Ayelet Zurer

AYELET ZURER first garnered the attention of film audiences worldwide when Steven Spielberg cast her as Eric Bana’s wife in the Oscar-nominated film MUNICH. Ayelet went on to star opposite Tom Hanks in the worldwide box office hit ANGELS & DEMONS, directed by Ron Howard, and later opposite Russell Crowe in MAN OF STEEL directed by Zack Snyder.

From her stage work at the Habima National Theatre to films and television, Ayelet is one of Israel’s most acclaimed actresses. 

Her unique talent won her the Israeli Film Academy Award for her starring role as the title character in NINA’S TRAGEDIES and the Israeli Television Academy for Best Actress Award for her heartbreaking role in IN THERAPY (adapted to HBO’s IN TREATMENT). She was also nominated for her role in STISEL (Netflix) and won again for her lead role in BNEI ARUBA (adapted for CBS as HOSTAGES) for which she also won the Golden Nymph award at Monte-Carlo Television Festival. Moreover, Ayelet earned a nomination for best leading actress in the Czech Lion Awards at the Czech Republic lead role in the film MILADA (Netflix)

Ayelet’s other work includes Sony’s VANTAGE POINT, with Dennis Quaid and William Hurt, Samuel Goldwyn’s FUGITIVE PIECES along with Stephen Dillane, Lawrence Kasdan’s DARLING COMPANION, Paul Schrader’s ADAM RESURRECTED with Jeff Goldblum, LAST DAYS IN THE DESERT with Ewan McGregor. LAST KNIGHTS opposite Clive Owen, MGM’s BEN HUR and the successful MARVEL series DAREDEVIL opposite Vincent D’Onofrio. Ayelet’s latest leading role of ‘Alice’ in the anticipated mini-series LOSING ALICE has won her much critical acclaim with her performance being hailed as “brilliant”, a “nuanced tour de force” and a “work of art”. 

Ayelet is also a writer and illustrator. She illustrated two adult books, SHORTS, short stories by Paulo Coelho, and the best seller BADULINA by Gabi Nitzan. She also published her book AS OF NOW which she wrote and illustrated. 

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