Producer Martine Melloul: “From Fashion to Entertainment” by SpLAshPR Agency

Producer Martine Melloul

Producer Martine Melloul went from a long career of an executive woman in high Fashion to the entertainment industry becoming a film producer:

This is the story of a self-made woman.

With a very atypical and successful career, Martine Melloul became one of the most interesting rising producers of Hollywood, these last few months.

From the little girl who was following her then, movie critic mom at the Deauville Festival, to the woman who produced Breaking and Exiting together with Cécile Cubilo and Jordan Hinson, Martine has one-of-a-kind story to tell.

As a kid, she used to never miss any Deauville film festival, even missing the back-to-school day, collecting autographs and taking pictures with huge movie stars, such as Clint Eastwood, Tom Beranger, Rock Hudson, or even Tony Curtis.

As she grew older, her mom got her a press badge so then she can at least watch the movies.

Producer Martine Melloul & Producer Cecile Cubilo

Martine Melloul got the opportunity to watch the world premiere of Top Gun, Officer and Gentleman, Top Secret, Police Academy, and many more.

After spending her childhood and her teenage years in the Entertainment industry, Martine Melloul decided to leave France to achieve her American Dream. She built her successful career in fashion as an executive in a very famous company. But when this “company” where she used to work for 20 years got sold, she decided to leave in order to make her dreams come true and therefore, she chose her own path and adventure.

Director Clara Kuperberg, Producer Martine Melloul, and director Julia Kuperberg Attending the Beverly Hills Film Festival and winning the award for Best Director for their documentary “The Women Who Run Hollywood”.

While still working in fashion, she was doing and attending the “Business and management in the Entertainment Industry” program at UCLA extension, at night. It took years two years to graduate, as she was working 24/7 every day at her full-time job.

Attending the premiere of Breaking and Exciting, actor Milo Gibson, Producer Martine Melloul, Producer, writer & actress Jordan Hinson, director Peter Facinelli, Producer Cecile Cubilot.

Martine Melloul is the founder of Kali Pictures, a production company specializing in independent features.

The last movie that Martine Melloul produced, Breaking and Exiting, focuses mainly on life-changing decisions, a subject that she knows pretty well as she just decided, 3 years ago to do her own thing and she has now already produced 2 features that are being released in Theaters!

We had the opportunity to attend the premiere of Breaking and Exiting at the Egyptian Theatre, on August 15th. The whole SpLAshPR team was amazed by the film, and the way the producers, the director and actors created a one-of-a-kind atmosphere, choosing their own way to talk about suicide and prevention. This very emotional movie circles around two characters whose life is about to change as they are meeting each other.

Producer Martine Melloul had a second film which was just released on September 21st, 2018, “Beyond the Sky”


beyond the sky

“Beyond the Sky is a sci-fi thriller about alien abductions. It is actually the first film I produced and a much bigger production than Breaking & Exiting. I did it backwards I guess… A big film first and a smaller one after. I think if I had known how much work and craziness this one was going to be I would not have started but since it was my first I had no idea… This film is very interesting because it is a smart sci-fi not just aliens invading earth. It follows the journey of a documentary filmmaker who wants to debunk the myth of alien abduction but end of by uncovering a disturbing truth. It was directed by a brilliant first-time director Fulvio Sestito and I produced it with my friend Rebecca Berrih and another producer called Evan Cholfin.” This is how Martine Melloul described her upcoming film to us.

By Claire Arnaud-Aubour and Solene Jouan for SPLASHPR AGENCY
Contact presse et media : Claire Arnaud-Aubour  for Producer Martine Melloul


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