We had the delight to be invited to the 50th anniversary of Mod’s hair, in West Hollywood.

Mod's Hair anniversary
Mod’s Hair 50th anniversary cake
Mod's hair anniversary
Mod’s Hair 50th anniversary cake

The party was taking place in the Mod’s Hair salon of Beverly Drive.

Between two hair shows, where hairstylists were cutting hair and exhibiting their talents, you could taste some delicious appetizers… From the avocado cone to the tomato with pesto, or the mini burgers, everything was skillfully mixed to create a very trendy and friendly atmosphere by the famous “Pitchoun Bakery.”

Two models were wandering with blue and purple hair (wig) that has been styled by Mod’s Hair hairdressers.

The atmosphere was mixing French and American culture so well, that you could not even guess who was French and who was American.

Mod's hair 50th Anniversary
Mod’s Hair 50th Anniversary | Photo credit: Barbara for SpLAshPR Agency
Mod's Hair Anniversary
Mod’s Hair 50th Anniversary “Le Petit Paris founder David Rolland and Atmosphere owner Tropez Aubour| Photo credit: Barbara for SpLAshPR Agency
Mod's Hair Anniversary
Mod’s Hair 50th Anniversary | Photo credit: Barbara for SpLAshPR Agency

Mod’s hair was even offering their own special cocktail, the Mod’s Mule, which was extremely fresh and tasty! Inspired by the Moscow Mule, the cocktail mixes vodka and ginger ale, and taste like a soft drink. So, be careful not to drink too much of it!

It was a really nice moment to enjoy with a French and American community, around a beautiful birthday cake and haircuts coming from the future.

SpLAshPR would like to highlight the talent of one of Mod’s Hair hairdressers, Eric Leboeuf, who was present at the party as he was just coming back from New-York. He was there as the personal hairstylist for Gad Elmaleh, a very famous French humorist and actor.

Eric Leboeuf Instagram : @ericleboeufhair


50th Anniversary of Mod's Hair
Hairstylist Eric Leboeuf & Claire Arnaud Aubour & Sophie Marek Ego la Revue | Photo credit: Barbara Lopes Lameiras for SpLAshPR Agency
Mod's Hair 50th Anniversary
Eric Leboeuf, Gad Elmaleh & Jimmy Fallon | Photo credit: Eric Leboeuf Instagram
Mod's Hair 50th Anniversary
Eric Leboeuf & Jimmy Fallon | Photo credit: Eric Leboeuf Instagram


Mod’s Hair is the creation of two hairstylists, Frederic and Guillaume Bérard.

“In 1968, the same year in which France was emancipated,  Frédéric and Guillaume Bérard revolutionized hairdressing in France. Their goal was to become the go-to hairstylists for the most beautiful girls in the world.  Before long, the greatest fashion photographers, Helmut Newton, Guy Bourdin, Sarah Moon just to name a few, began to ask for them by name and the “studio hairdresser” as the world would come to know it was born.

Before long, both French and foreign publications such as Vogue, Marie-Claire, Elle, L’Officiel, and Harper’s Bazaar, began to vie for the talent of Frédéric and Guillaume Bérard who very quickly became fixtures at important photo sessions and a favorite to fashion editors.  In order to support the demand from the women who read and followed their career within these publications, Frédéric and Guillaume opened the first Mod’s Hair Salon at the Paris Rive Gauche, Rue de Rennes in 1974.  There, they abolished the use of rollers and relied heavily on a blow dryer to create a natural and finished style.  In so doing, they set the hair free of the constraints of complex styling techniques which were so present in the late sixties and early seventies. Their « coiffé-décoiffé » style, a natural and modern elegance, has remained present in the promotional collection and campaign released semi-annually by Mod’s Hair and has since become THE reference in terms of fashion.

In 1986, in order to present their collections and share the things they loved and were inspired by, Guillaume and Frédéric launched a magazine which today is published in five languages, including English, German, Japanese, French, and Italian. It is distributed twice per year, available to all Mod’s Hair clientele, focusing on identifying trends, events, fashion, and culture. It is quite certainly a rendezvous that has become a highly regarded ritual.

Mod’s Hair continues its history with projects in both France and internationally.  Today, Alain Viot acts as the CEO of Mod’s Hair while Frédéric and Guillaume continue to steer the artistic direction of the brand.  Today, Mod’s Hair includes more than 1000 hairdressers, 40 salons in France, 200 in foreign countries, and 5 academies established to ensure constancy in excellence amongst Mod’s Hair stylists and colorists alike.  This continued growth and success have insured Mod’s Hair is indeed the best « made in France style » ambassador.


Solène Jouan

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