“From Ethiopia to Utopia” is now available in paperback version !


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Photo credit: Claire Arnaud-Aubour for SpLAshPR Agency

He was 8 years old when he sang a song in the Charity Red Cross Ball in Djibouti.  At the end of the song all the ladies jumped on the stage and kissed him.  That’s when he knew that he would be a singer…

Jean-paul Vignon, the madmen era singer, and actor released his memoirs in December 2017. Until today, the book was only available online, but now it finally had its own PAPERBACK VERSION!

Boomerang credit: Solene Jouan for SpLAshPR Agency

You can order it from Amazon, and receive your book at home, by clicking on this link :

From Ethiopia to Utopia

If you are curious about the book, let’s read our previous article about Jean-Paul Vignon, introducing you this old Hollywood star & telling you the story of a lifetime here: Jean-Paul Vignon, from Ethiopia to Utopia


Photo credit: Claire Arnaud-Aubour for SpLAshPR Agency


Solène Jouan

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