Have you heard about Air guitar? Well, forget it, it actually has nothing to do with AIR FOOD.

Air Food restaurant
Air Food Restaurant

Take two french visionaries, one contractor in logistics organizing events, one chef in Paris and London, add a touch of street culture and hip-hop vibe & here is Air Food!

Several years ago, Marc and Thierry met during a shoe sale in Paris at the “Place de la République”, and ever since they sticked together, building projects and concepts that lead them to the city of angels, in the country of dreams…

Air Food Water BarInspired by Colette in Paris (which unfortunately closed months ago), the pair created a restaurant, featuring a water bar, where you can try 33 different waters. Every bottle is made of recyclable and reusable glass and displaying an original design.

When we first walked into this restaurant and ordered our first bottle there, we had the delight to discover the one designed by Philippe Starck, the worldwide famous designer & interior architect!

Snails tempura with homemade parsley butter
Snails tempura with homemade parsley butter

The menus were smartly mixing American and French dishes, skillfully creating a French-American cuisine and atmosphere.

For lunch you can try a French meal, or enjoy the burger bar, knowing that every meal will have its own American and french touch, even the burgers!

Air Food Burger Bar

AIR FOOD has different menus. One is made for Breakfast & Lunch, the other one for Dinner. Lunch food could be compared to a bistro/burger bar food, while in the evening you will be able to try a more “gourmet” choice of food.

Waiting for our food, our eyes were wandering all around the place… On the right wall, AIR FOOD logo has been designed and molded into the plaster, giving a classy and fancy look to the wall.

Porcini ravioli served with a three mushroom cream sauce
Porcini ravioli served with a three mushroom cream sauce

Shelves had been attached on another side, exhibiting objects and shoes inspired by the street culture, featuring the brands; Nike, Adidas, Kaws, or Jordan…even the front window have been painted with graffitis making us enter a brand new world, in the heart of Santa Monica.

The dominant colors are white and grey, creating a soft and modern atmosphere, which is emphasized by the way the napkins are knotted, and the open kitchen which lets us see the cooks working and the meals being prepared! 

Air Food Desserts

Our advice: Definitely try the chocolate mousse. We all agreed that this is one of the best we ever tried in our lives!

++ +: If you are vegan AIR FOOD thought about you, as you can always ask the waiters and waitresses to have your meal served in a vegan way.

Le Pot Au Feu Vegan
Le Pot Au Feu Vegan


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Solène Jouan


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