What is the Mar Vista ARTWALK?

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The first Mar Vista ArtWalk was held in December 2015, when the environmental non-profit Green Communications Initiative and local artists came together to encourage community members to stroll their sidewalks and explore their neighborhood “Main Street.”

Now over two years later the ArtWalk continues to bring lovers of all the arts together to support one another and the community. Their mission is to grow, learn, and improve the strength of our community of neighbors, artists, galleries, and small businesses.

27867718_2037120673243586_4521284481862869003_n.jpgThis winter, the event will take place on March, 1 between 6pm  and 10 pm. It is organized in 3 clusters along the 1-mile stretch of Venice Bl. Between Inglewood Bl – Beethoven St.

The Mar Vista ArtWalk is a joint effort of environmental nonprofit Green Communications Initiative (GCI) founded by Lenore French and the community of local artists curated by Mitchelito Orquiola and Monique Boileau, with the enthusiastic support of our partners and sponsors.

Website of the Artwalk: Here

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For the occasion, Atmosphere Cafe is throwing an event and will be opened at night for the first time! You will be able to eat French and diversified food, from a completely new menu and enjoy art at the same time.

For one night, you can meet at Atmosphere, the local restaurant of Mar Vista and enjoy a dinner, surrounded by music & art!

Indeed, Atmosphere cafe will be exhibiting the artwork of Olivier Pojzman, a French photographer living in Los Angeles.

Follow Atmosphere Café for all the news and details :




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But, Who is Olivier Pojzman ?

“Based in Venice, California, IrisWork was established in 2005 by advertising and celebrity photographer Olivier Pojzman. Working with such prestigious clients as Yves Saint Laurent, Prince Albert of Monaco, Apple, Sony, and Porsche, Olivier has circled the globe many times over in his successful career, traveling to more than thirty countries in pursuit of the perfect shot.”

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His Fine Art Photography is Ideal for home or office. These large format prints come in a variety of sizes to accommodate every design environment. Each piece is signed by the artist, numbered in a limited edition of 50, and includes a certificate of authenticity.

Originally from Paris, Olivier came to America more than 20 years ago. Though trained in art and design, his education does not tell the entire tale. Before his career took off, he spent years working odd jobs such as auto mechanic and bank employee, always dreaming of a time when he could be free to do what he truly loved.

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Today, that freedom and love of photography… along with his subtle sense of grandeur in capturing a place and moment in time, faded memories that evoke our favorite sights, sounds, and feelings… permeates every shot Olivier takes.

Please visit his website: Here

Meet Olivier: Here


Solène Jouan

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