An afternoon with Exotics Racing Los Angeles

Lamborghini Huracan
Lamborghini Huracan, Exotics Racing Los Angeles

This Saturday, we had the chance to be invited on a race track. Exotics Racing is located on Cherry Avenue in Fontana and has a wonderful view of the hills and mountains that surround Los Angeles.


We all met at 10.30am to drive there. After having coffee with the team, we decided it was time to leave and go on this adventure!

1:30 later…

As we arrived, we were already caught in the experience. We could see the cars on the race track, exceeded all speed limits we had ever known. We could hear the sound of the motors speeding and thrumming. We were as excited as scared by the adventure we were about to experiment, but most of all, we really wanted to discover that new “Cars” world and all the sensations you are able to experiment while riding these cars!

Margot Bourdeaux, Account manager for SpLAshPR Agency

Franck Leroux and Evens Stievenart welcomed us as we walked in, signed and registered in the computer, giving our driver license numbers… We could already feel the adrenaline and excitement.

After listening to a short prevention speech, explaining the rules we had to follow and the way to drive the exotics cars, we discovered which cars we were gonna be riding in! Our boss Claire would be the only one driving, while we would be riding along with professional drivers.


All the exotics cars were here, waiting for us… even Starsky & Hutch would have been jealous! It was like being in a Top Gear episode but only surrounded by luxury and beautiful cars. From the two Lamborghini to the Ferrari, the Porsche, the Corvette, or the McLaren, every car was looking as stunning as the other… It was like being sent to a Car heaven!

Exotics racing Los Angeles
Exotics Racing, Los Angeles

Margot and Jeanne were the first to experiment the thrill of riding along with a professional driver. They chose the Corvette to drift. Their driver’s name was Hiro Sumida who was a Pro Driver at the Formula D Drift series in the USA. No need to say… they did not even imagine what they were going to live!

Jeanne Possidoni,  ZPASTABAR CEO & SpLAshPR Collaborator

I was the next, I chose the Lamborghini Huracan, and my driver was Evens Stievenart,  a French racing driver with significant experience in ice racing on the Andros Trophy Series. He has also recorded 2 victories at the 24 hours of Le Mans solo on its cycling version. When he started speeding and reaching 120 mph, I felt like my heart was about to stop on the first lap! But, then you get used to the speed and this adrenaline feeling is something you really want to feel again! The car was speeding, I could not stop laughing as I was hitting the door, then the driver, then I was glued to the car seat! I never experienced a feeling like this one! Useless to say it was not long enough and I was really sad when we came back to the parking lot after our two laps ride! 

Margot & Lou
Margot Bourdeaux, Account Manager @SpLAshPR Agency, Solène Jouan “Lou'”, Public relations project manager @SpLAshPR Agency “showing off time”


But the minute of the day is when Claire, our boss, realized her childhood dream… Driving a Lamborghini and reaching up to 120 mph on the track! lol Yes!

Watch the video >> HERE <<

Claire Arnaud-Aubour, SpLAshPR Agency CEO

LOU: “It has been a long time since I have been doing something I never experienced in my own life”. Exotics racing will stay in my mind and this Saturday is probably one of the best days I spent in my entire life! We would recommend this experience to anyone looking for adrenaline and thrill. Thank you again Exotics Racing Los Angeles for having us, we will never forget and will spread the word around us!”

CLAIRE: “After dreaming about driving a Lamborghini on a track since I was 7 years old, (yesterday!) Now it’ is a dream come true! Thank you Exotics Racing Los Angeles! You are the best, your professionalism and services are just awesome and this is such a wonderful experience to share with your friends, family, co-worker or clients. They organize “A la carte”! My team and I were just on the top of the world! This is the most beautiful Holiday Gift I’ve ever had. Yes, the pro-driver next to me is the famous Evens Stievenart,  he is the best Pro-driver instructor ever, and the nicest too, even when you ask a stupid question! lol”

If you want to experience the same crazy adventure, contact… Thank you, Franck Leroux, Charles Price, and Even Stievenart! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook…

Exotics Racing
Prevention speech @ Exotics Racing Los Angeles
Sunset & McLaren, @ Exotics racing Los Angeles
Exotics Racing Los Angeles
Exotics Racing Los Angeles
Claire &amp; Evens
Claire Arnaud-Aubour, SpLAshPR Agency CEO & Evens Stievenart Pro-driver
Margot Bourdeaux, Account manager for SpLAshPR Agency
Margot &amp; Lou
Margot Bourdeaux, SpLAshPR Agency Account Manager, Solène Jouan “Lou”, SpLAshPR Agency Public relations Project Manager


Solène Jouan

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