Farewell Johnny… we will truly miss you…

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Today, more than 500000 people gathered on the “Champs Elysées” in Paris, to say good bye to the legendary singer, Johnny Hallyday.

On the stage, an orphelin microwave, Johnny’s musicians and choristers were playing the songs of the most iconic french rocker of the century, while the public was here, listening, singing and saying a last good bye to the star who gave so much to his fans.

Besides being a rockstar, Johnny Hallyday was most of all, a really loving person who wanted to help other and make the world a better place.

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Today was a black day for France, and for its children. We lost an icon, a rockstar, a father, and a unique person with a wonderful story, who would never be replaced…

From France to America, Johnny lived his life and dreams fully. Inspired by Elvis, he will finally be remembered as the French King.

His songs were an anthem for generations, from the youngest to the oldest, everyone knew him and respect his work.

Johnny, you were the voice, the face and the monument of a generation… Your legacy will live on…
Many thoughts and love to his family, we will never forget you !

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Today, even Mariah Carey opened her concert with the song “Que je t’aime” in memory of our dear french rockstar :

Mariah Carey singing Johnny Hallyday

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 6.59.58 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-09 at 6.57.04 PM

Solène Jouan

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