Au Revoir Jean d’Ormesson

December 5th, 2017

A sad day for French literature

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Last night in France, one of our French Immortals passed away . Jean D’Ormesson, aged 92, was one of the most famous novelists in France. He started writing in 1956, and wrote more than 50 books and essays, and became a french legend.

Jean D’Ormesson was inducted into the academy in 1973, sitting in the 12th of 40 chairs. “Immortals,” from the Academy are considered as intellectual and literary giants, wear green and gold embroidered suits and each carries a sword for formal meetings.

More than a writer, Jean D’ormesson used to work for Le Figaro, as director-general  from 1974-1977, then spent four decades as a commentator at the paper.

He died from a heart-attack in the night of Tuesday, leaving France as an orphan. Mr Jean D’ormesson, we will all miss you and regret you. Rest in Peace.

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“We shall all die. But we shall not die together. Something will be left behind us like a trail of light to transmit to succeeding generations all that is great in work and in the imagination. And more than crumbling palaces and mutilated statues, what shines forever in men’s memories are the efforts of the mind to lift itself above everyday existence by laughter, terror, metaphysical thought, the beauty of the word, and the brilliance of ideas.”
― Jean d’Ormesson, The Glory of the Empire: A Novel, a History


Solène Jouan

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