Help Quadriplegic Fashion Designer Lucie Carrasco fund her “Roll Forever tour”

Help Quadriplegic Fashion Designer Lucie Carrasco fund her “Roll Forever tour”

In 2013 fulfilling her life long dream, French Designer & Author Lucie Carrasco came to establish herself in America in order to organize a series of fundraising fashion shows of her Haute Couture Line, to raise the necessary funds to coordinate her crossing of the United States in her wheel chair. Lucie’s goal is to raise awareness of the amazing aptitude and resilience individuals who are challenged with physical conditions and teach everyone that they can achieve all of their dreams while being positive contributors to society….

“I just turned thirty one, I’m quadriplegic and I will cross the U.S. riding an electric wheelchair, aided by a van or fully equipped camper all along the road” – Lucie Carrasco

GZIPUSA, HumanityCode and Splash.PR Agency (Ana Carril-Grumberg, Claire Arnaud Aubour and Shain Courtney) are assisting French Haute Couture Designer (Wheelchair bound) Lucie Carrasco’s dream project of crossing the USA on her wheelchair. We are organizing several fundraising fashion shows in selected cities along the road, to bring awareness to the plea of the disabled communities worldwide.

The Tour will kick off with a huge celebrity “32nd Birthday Party” For Lucie in Los Angeles on July 24th, 2013. After a few days of rest, Lucie & her team will head out for the adventure of a lifetime. (Official Cities and Fashion Show Venue Updates Coming Soon!);list=PLoo-163kTZoje2xJwJ9JTTQ3J1TmabgT7
Los Angeles, Claire Arnaud Aubour
New York, Ana Carril-Grumberg & Shain Courtney 

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