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Jason in Hollywoodland

silver-linings-posterWhile some might argue that it’s not really an independent film (with that $21 million budget), Silver Linings Playbookstill wowed the Independent Spirit Award voters taking home 4 awards today including Best Picture, Director, Screenplay and Actress (Jennifer Lawrence who has been having one heck of a year). It beat out a true indie, the fascinating and inventive Beasts of the Southern Wild which had to settle for a Cinematography award. Another true indie, The Sessions took home two awards for Best Actor (John Hawkes, who sooo should’ve got an Oscar nom) and Supporting Actress for Helen Hunt. Winning Supporting Actor was Matthew McConaughey for Magic Mike…. My favorite award of the day went to the brilliant Perks of Being A Wallflower for Best First Feature… For more on all the awards and the Indpendent Spirit organization, head here. Then check out…

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