The Sche Report

By now you all know that I have a fascination with:  (a.) handmade things  (b.) the 1970’s  (c.) textiles and textures. These are the things that grab my attention and inspire me when I’m out in the world and I’m learning that they all seem to have a profound connection on my personal aesthetic.

When I first saw Jo Abellera’s handmade knit pieces I was awestruck and mesmerized with her technique. I’ve had a fascination with textile art since the day my good friend Michael V showed me a picture in one of his many books of a work of fiber art that was hanging in a museum in the 1960’s.  I remember staring at the picture with my mouth wide open completely in shock with the amazingness of this type of art.  I knew it was special and felt that the timing of this medium would soon be on…

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