La Galette des rois

I will definitively try this recipe on the 5th!!!


January 6th we celebrate Epiphany Day with la Galette des Rois /King Cake Day celebrated all over France reminiscent of the biblical tradition of the 3 wise men’s journey bearing gifts after the birth of Jesus.  The tradition says that should you get the fève or bean hidden in the galette at the Tirage des Rois, you shall be crowned king or queen for the day. Custom has it that the youngest child hides under the table and chooses which piece of galette each guest receives.

French Bakeries Dallas, TX Galette des Rois

My favorite is la Galette à la frangipane ( tastes a lot like my other favorite almond cake le pithiviers). I enjoyed making my own and will post a very easy recipe should you be so inclined to bake your own buttery and flaky galette or try a new galette from your French bakery. (Here are my Top French bakeries in Los Angeles  …

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