“LA ZIZANIE AU CONSULAT” a funny play by Euro-Theatre! In French with English subtitle!

Have you ever seen a play in French with English subtitle? Yes really, it is more real than ever!


This play has been written and directed by Jean Louis Darville, produced by David Hini- Szlos and JL Darville.

 “La Zizanie au consulat ! ” is played in French with English subtitles. They will be playing at “The League Playhouse Assistance” located: 1367 N St Andrew Place, Los Angeles, CA 90028 starting December 13th & 14th at 8pm and December 15th &16th 2012 with 2 shows at 3pm and 8pm.

Here is the pitch… This administrative comedy takes place in the French Consulate of Los Angeles in present day. After a problem with passports in the French Consulate in Chicago that made the international news, the President of France decides to inspect all French Consulates in the United States to make sure there are no further incidents. He sends his best inspector to review all Consulates. The French Consulate of Los Angeles with all its French employees will be inspected by one of the most ruthless and meticulous inspectors France has seen to date. The Consulate team, caught off guard by the sudden procedure, makes every attempt to delay the inspection triggering unexpected love stories, situation reversals, misunderstandings and mishaps that all lead to a comical ending. You will recognize yourself in every one of the characters as they strive to survive the ordeal. It’s hard to revert to Napoleonic rigor once you finally mastered the laid back Californian composure. The Euro-theatre team will make you travel with this unique and interactive comedy experience. Come without your passport, we’ll make you a new one on the spot!

“La Zizanie au Consulat!” in French with English subtitles. Ready to an amazing and funny time with the famous “FRENCH EURO-THEATRE” company in Los Angeles!

The Euro-theatre, who over the last 15 years has produced plays such as “On ne choisit pas sa famille”, “Le Père Noël Est Une Ordure”, “Les Précieuse Ridicules”, “Le Festival du Rire” and “Dormez! Je Le Veux!” is proud to announce its new play: “La Zizanie au consulat!” in French with English subtitles.

TICKETS and information about the play http://www.Euro-Theatre.com

Prices: Normal $25 – Student $20 – Group reservation 6 and + $20


Press contact:SPLASH.PR Agency Office: 310.526.0805

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