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Jason in Hollywoodland

As expected the final installment in the craptastic Twilight series, Twilight: Breaking Dawn Pt. 2, opened to a big number at the box office this weekend. However, the more interesting news is just how well Lincoln did in its first weekend in wide release… Breaking Dawn took in a giant $141 million for the second highest opening in the franchise’s history (behind New Moon) and the 8th biggest opening of all time. As usual, the grosses are likely to be front loaded for the film, but it should finish with a respectable sum making this series one of the most profitable (despite the lack in quality) in film history…. Aside from the vamps and werewolves, a President was making some news of his own this weekend as Steven Spielberg‘s Oscar bait Lincoln far surpassed expectations to rope in a very strong $21 million. That makes it the…

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