James Ellroy – The Hilliker Curse

Un grand moment de folie et d’intelligence avec le brillant James Ellroy auteur du Dahlia Noir. “L’homme qui a changé le roman noir en France, le pape de la série Noire” dit Aurélien Masson directeur de “Série Noire” des Éditions Gallimard.” ” Il y a l’avant et l’après James Ellroy.” Nous le croyons!


A master of noir crime fiction, James has up close and personal knowledge of the world of crime. His life has been shadowed by a gruesome event: the unsolved murder of his mother when he was a child. In 1958, Geneva Hilliker Ellroy’s body was dumped on a roadway in El Monte, California, a seedy L.A. exurb. Her killer was never apprehended. Her murder unleashed a force that has propelled Ellroy’s work. Ellroy channeled his anguish and transformed himself into an outsized public persona: an audacious, uncompromising, and unapologetic chronicler of humanity’s dark side.

Listen to James Ellroy reading an excerpt from his last book: “The Hilliker Curse

“I pointed at Rita Hayworth’s name on the screen. My mother glared at it. My dad went back to the ’30s with La Roja Rita. It pre-dated his circa ’40 hookup with Jean. Rita was half Anglo, half Mex aristocrat…

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